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Mrs. Adamson

Mrs. Adamson is a graduate of the Hempfield Area School District in 1986.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the Pennsylvania State University in English Writing with a duel minor in Psychology and Anthropology and an area of interest in Film in 1990.

After working in Washington, D.C. for 4 years, she returned to Seton Hill College (now Seton Hill University) and earned an elementary and early childhood teaching certificate in 1996.  She received an additional certification of Middle School English/Language Arts in 2004.

Mrs. Adamson began as a substitute teacher in many school districts before teaching fourth grade at Bovard Elementary.  Mrs. Adamson has taught seventh grade English at Harrold Middle School since 1999. Starting in 2009, she also taught eighth grade English.  In 2011 she began teaching solely 8th grade. In 2013, she moved to teach 7th and 8th grade English at West Hempfield Middle School. Currently she teaches 7th grade ELA at West Hempfield Middle School.

Personally, Mrs. Adamson loves to read and write.  She especially likes the work of Phyllis Whitney, Mary Higgins Clark, Tom Clancy,  Nevada Barr, Phillipa Gregory, and Janet Evonovich. She also read the Game of Thrones series.  She attends movies regularly, listens to music, watches TV, likes watching sports, bowling, and playing golf.

Mrs. Adamson is married and has one son named T.J. She and her husband adopted T.J. He came to live with them in September of 2017 and was officially adopted into the Adamson family in August of 2018. He is a very active 4 year old!

Mrs. Adamson has three pets. Pumpkin is a thirteen year old orange cat. She loves to chase her own tail and try to catch the laser dot.   Pumpkin's ten year old gray fuzzy cat sister is named Trixie. She is very shy to her human family members, but torments the animal members mercilessly and guards her human brother! Sir Chocolate Mousse is a 7 year old chocolate lab and a bundle of energy. He is 90 pounds of loving coming at you! His two feline sisters have taught him that he is, in fact, a very large chocolate cat! (And of course they are in charge!)

Mrs. Adamson greatly enjoys teaching seventh grade ELA at West Hempfield Middle School and loves the students here!